Smart Chain provides advanced technology service to take your business to the next level using the development of

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About Us
Welcome to Smart Chain

We build AI, ML, IOT and Private Blockchain applications for enterprises. It improves business efficiency and significantly reduce the infrastructure cost. We help our clients to build a secure, faster, and transparent business process

We develop and audit secure and competent smart contracts to automate the execution of processes in Ethereum, Hyper ledger Fabric and Stellar Blockchains

With an advance technology setup, we have been able to create a bouquet of enterprise products that have been adopted as a real use case.

Blockchain Consulting Services:

We do the Development on your advice and business needs; we can recommend a solution that benefits your business and create optimum advantage. We carefully study the needs and requirements and then advise the best possible solution and help in developing the solution as per the requirement.

Enterprise Blockchain Solution:

Blockchain solutions that accelerate your business with more security and speed up the business funnel. We provide solutions to various industries including Real estate, travel and hospitality, Health care, banking and Finance, Retail and eCommerce. Some of our ready solutions include, Asset Tokenization, Document storage, Exchange services, Digital wallets.


Our host of crypto services include developing a stable coin, alt coins, security tokens, and complete tokenomics of the business. Smart contract development using the Blockchain technology. Token sale platforms, tokenizing assets, exchange services, crypto trading, BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, XLM, XRP, etc.


We combine advance technology solutions and real use industry cases for the implementation in smart environment. Our AI development solutions using machine learning, problem solving, natural language processing, and many other integrative approaches help make smart choices for the business.

Smart City

Smart City is the development of future and trend of today. Combining Blockchain with AI and IOT, smart city concepts can interconnect services and technologies to help improve and expand the way data and communication is utilized for managing assets and resources efficiently.

Programming and Development
Web and Mobile Development

Creating device-agnostic solutions. We deliver functional, convenient, and visually compelling applications that offer end users invariably perfect experience across desktops, smartphones, and tablets.

Robo Advisory

Digital platforms that provide automated, algorithm-driven financial planning services with little to no human supervision. These algorithms are executed by software and it utilizes its algorithms to automatically allocate, manage and optimize clients’ assets.


Are nothing but software applications that are programmed to perform tasks through scripts without any human intervention. Our BOT application is used on web and social platforms; mainly we have BOT services through WhatsApp for varied industries like Food, retail, Customer Service, eCommerce, and parking management

Working Process
How We Work

With a strong research background, we develop need of the market ideas, or invite proposals to submit disruptive commercial ideas.


We provide solutions that are best in the technology and cost effective. In some cases, the founders are well capable of developing the idea but may lack in market information, statistics, reports, and the correct use of technology, this is where we step in.

Design and Develop:

With state-of-the-art development center we have the best resources in the industry available in the most advanced technology domain. We provide an end to end solution development and deployment.


We help curate ideas into real market products and support with the in-house acceleration in the technology domain. We create go to market strategy with a definitive plan to create a streamlined phase wise launch platform.


With a state-of-the-art research and development team we have developed some products that have industry use case and have implemented these through our esteemed clients and markets of operations. Our product development team creates innovation in technology and uses the innovative technology in the real-world use cases bringing the change and disruption.

Chained Certs

An out-of-the-box certification platform that allows for highly configurable examination design paired with seamless integration to store immutable verified academic certificates and other critical documents as indestructible digital credentials.

Industry: Education
Technology: Blockchain – Hyperledger

Tracker Chain

A highly secure and tamper-proof register of digital transactions and interactions in every step of a supply chain that maintains traceability, auditability, efficiency, and disintermediation. An ERP solution for SME and private corporates for distributed ledger and transparent operations

Industry: Supply Chain
Technology: Blockchain – IOT

Medi chain

Blockchain for securing patient health records and Consent Management for Hospitals, medical clinics. A decentralized architecture to give a single platform collating shared data that enables transparency in health records linked to a primary ID

Industry: Education
Technology: Blockchain – Hyperledger

Block Hire

A Blockchain based platform that allows employee identification, skill reputation. A secure and verified trail of the employee’s career, programmable contracts so salaries, bonusses, allowances are credited on execution of smart contracts.

Industry: Education
Technology: Blockchain – Hyperledger

Employee Asset Tracking

A Smart card (RFID) enabled tracking solution for employees, also integrates with a mobile application that allows real time GPS tracking, and point to point notifications. Attendance monitoring.

Industry: Retail & SME
Technology: IOT

Event Pay

A smart solution that is developed for cashless payments, access control, rewards and loyalty and much more all through a unique QR Code scan mechanism

Industry: Sports & Entertainment | Retail | FMCG
Technology: IOT

Packer and Movers

ERP backend for packers and movers that comes with a web-based solution and a mobile application. A scale-able solution and fully customized on requirement basis

Industry: Logistics
Technology: IOT & CRM

Sport Master

A full circle solution for sports management for clubs, institutes or government bodies, includes a fan engagement module with mobile applications and API integrations. Has a blockchain module that gives 360-degree turnaround to the system.

Industry: Sports
Technology: IOT & CRM, Blockchain


An eCommerce solution that can be built on any credible technology platforms available in the market today with a robust supply chain solution and a mobile application with full functionality ready to be deployed.

Industry: Shopping and commerce
Technology: Web | Mobile

AI – Bots

Artificial Intelligence enabled Bot on WhatsApp that will take instructions and command from users. The intelligent Bot will interact with customers and provide suggestions and details in addition to help customers on general queries.

Industry: Foodtech, Retail, eCommerce
Technology: AI | ML

Digital Banking

A banking solution for the millennials, A complete digital banking solution with mobile App and P2P transfers, remittances, blockchain enabled cheque issuance eliminating cheque frauds.

Industry : Fintech
Technology: Blockchain | Mobile

E – Tender

An innovative solution for E-Tendering platform using the Blockchain Technology that provide demand aggregation, reduced inventory cost, consistent procurement procedures across departments, reduction in cost of procurement, fair and equal opportunities to all suppliers and efficient tendering processes.

Industry : Supply Chain
Technology: Blockchain

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Smart Chain is in partnership with Emircom to jointly develop and deploy blockchain solutions in the MENA region. Our strategic approach is to create adoption of Blockchain technology in the government and SME sector in various industries.