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A blockchain enabled solution which provides a shipping experience that is safe, simple and transparent. It is a solution that enables traceability by keeping every party informed and updated throughout the shipping process, including customers/shippers, brokers, carriers, and drivers. Track Chain reduces the time, effort, risks and cost of the shipping process.


Track Chain is available across the following user interfaces:
  • Web portal: Shippers, customers, brokers and carriers can access the platform through our web portal.
  • Mobile Application (iOS and Android): Drivers can access the platform through the application and can use it for tracking and map services.


By automating all business operations, Tracker Chain ensures the avoidance of prolonged, inconvenient efforts of making calls or sending emails.


Customers create accounts on the platform through the website, then assign brokers or carriers to the load they wish to ship. Once carriers are successfully selected, customers can trace and monitor and rate their performances all while managing the shipments.

Broker or Carrier

Brokers receive an invite by email from the customers, then they can accept, assign the transportation service provider and view loads in transit. Track Chain allows Brokers to monitor and track the performance of their carriers to ensure quality. Carriers accept the loads allocated by brokers to them and then they can assign the drivers to tasks. At every step of the delivery process, carriers can manage the shipments and monitor the performance of drivers.


Drivers can use the mobile application to accept the invitation sent to them after signing up. They can enhance the shipping experience through Tracker Chain by providing real-time updates on shipments. Through the mobile app, Drivers can accept or decline shipments, view loads, send updates on the pickup or delivery process and inform the customer of any in-transit delays
  • Driver: picks up the load from single or multiple locations .
  • Multiple Drivers: can deliver the load to a single or multiple warehouses .
  • Another Driver: can pick the load from warehouse and deliver it to multiple location.

and say goodbye to...

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  • Inconveniences and complications that emerge due to lack of traceability.
  • Infrastructure limitations
  • Difficulty in maintaining the comprehensive freight visibility.
  • Operation failure due to mislocated data or data stored at a single location.
  • Delivery delays.
  • Complications due to lack of communication between users.
  • Lack of transparency in the system.
  • Financial and resource costs.

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