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A blockchain network that can transform the face of health-related technology!

What is MediChain

Medi Chain is a platform with a futuristic vision of the healthcare industry. We believe that through connecting health data on a global scale, which has now become achievable through blockchain technology, we provide manageable access to the data across businesses, locations and individuals. The sky’s the limit with our end-to-end blockchain enablement system, blockchain-based big data management, consent and data sharing, cognitive computing, monetization and global data exchange all working together to ensure more sales, more innovation and more development for your organization. Contact us today!

Services MediChain offer to organizations in regards to managing health and identity data securely

Process Automation
Process Automation
We ensure that your workflow is integrated with system governance
Consent & Data Governance
Consent & Data Governance
Good consent and data governance is the future of your business. By skillfully managing multilayered consent and governance you can ensure data security.
Profile Management
Profile Management
Build a foundation of trust between partners and people by building trust-worthy profiles of people, places and things.
Easy Data Sharing
Easy Data Sharing
ata sharing has never been more seamless! Medi Chain allows sharing data across vendors, users and partners.
Data Monetization
Data Monetization
Earn revenue through creating new services and economic value from data.

A Futuristic take on the healthcare space and data management

Manage Date
Manage Date
Managing large, complex and disparate data on blockchain is no longer a challenge. Medi Chain supports a large amount of data that is unprecedented in the healthcare sector while ensuring confidentiality and security.
Manage Access
Manage Access
Medi Chain’s consent service allows permission-based sharing for data and enables recoverable data regardless of the size of your database. You can simply scale, modify and manage operations due to the fact that both data and permissions coexist on blockchain
Multidimensional Data
Multidimensional Data
Immutable longitude profiles of individuals, locations and things can be easily generated by Medi Chain, where they will in turn be linked to each other through machine learning technology. Creating these multidimensional blockchains (LifegraphsTM) will show interdependence between different variables that influence the effectiveness of individual health and the efficiency of the system itself.

Innovative ways for your organization to benefit from the platform

Health Information Exchange
1. Collaborative Research
2. Personal Health Records
3. Supply Chain & Chain of Custody
Enterprise Data Networks
1. Care Coordination
2. Personalized Medicine
3. Digital Therapeutics
Eligibility & Revenue Cycle
1. E-ID Program
2. Workflow Optimization
3. Clinical Research
Innovation Sandboxes
1. National Health Record Networks
2. Provider Credentialing
3. High-Accuracy Provider Directories

MediChain Guarantees

Ownership of your data
Limitless access to your data
Safety and security of your data
Permission-based data access and sharing that allows you full control to who can access your data
Uncomplex data management, understanding and trust
Giving back to the health community by making the data accessible to individuals and organizations with your permission.

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