With the advent of mobility solutions and smart phones the new normal has just shrunk into the consumers hands. With mobile applications taking more than 70% of the transactions and physical cash payments replaced with online payments. The digital era has seen a exponential growth over a period of time.

It has grown to so heights that every business requires a digital presence which is not just informative but Transactional in nature keeping in line with the business operation needs. This has given the rise to eCommerce websites and mobile applications, aggregator sites and fulfillment service providers. For a common user now, it is a matter of choice on what application gives a better user-friendly experience ranks higher and is the preferred choice.


On carefully thought process and experimenting with different platforms and their methods, we came up with a solution to use a platform that is most commonly used by all age groups and requires no training at all for any persons wanting to use the platform.

This platform is WhatsApp and we have used it as an interface to communicate, with our back-end servers and automate a response using the Artificial Intelligence powered engine.

WhatsApp as a social communicating platform and that is its core strong point. We have used its basic principal and created our very own auto response BOT using the communication channel of WhatsApp.

Smart Chain has been instrumental and pioneering in emerging technology solutions development. FOBO is a brand that is under the venture studio umbrella of Smart Chain and is a result of the dedicated research team.

FOBO is a Bot service that runs on WhatsApp the most commonly used messaging platform in the world. FOBO is powered by an Artificial Intelligence engine that helps in creating an automated response management for the varied industries. FOBO distinguishes itself from other providers as not a just a SaaS model but a solution provider for that industry. Carefully designed and engineered with industry professionals it serves as a solution to the problem.

FOBO works as a marketplace solution for the following industry use cases.
Parking Management

An easy barrier less parking management through WhatsApp with AI enabled camera scanning and payment processing

Food Ordering

One stop shop for restaurants to list and Find. Order food on WhatsApp, make payment, track delivery all through single WhatsApp


Set your own home shop on WhatsApp, create groups, and manage customers, orders, fulfillment, and deliveries through WhatsApp


Increase sales and automate customer Service, with information and service queries answered through an Intelligent response solution on WhatsApp

Car Rental

Automate the car rental business with information service, car pictures, odometer readings, and accident records on WhatsApp, collect payment send notifications.

Grocery Shopping

Manage customers records and financial settlements all on WhatsApp, Customers can share product images, order online without making phone calls.


Make social payments the trend, collect payment through WhatsApp as a payment gateway. For Banks one window on boarding process, document verification and easy for transaction verification, save on SMS costs


For airports to keep an informative response on flight details and emergency notifications. Airlines can manage their ticket sales, service queries and even e-Check in through WhatsApp

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